Three Things to Do With Your Apartment’s Extra Space

If you have booked a stay at serviced apartments in Kileleshwa, you may already know that the building has a certain reputation. In addition to its ideal setting in the city, it is also known to provide guests with luxuriously spacious rooms and stellar service from staff. The popular alternative is a hotel room, of course, but these are typically cramped and uncomfortable with as many rooms as possible shoved in a building. With all of the extra space an apartment affords you, what should you do with it? Here are three ideas to help you imagine.

Relax, Stretch or Do Yoga

Many people enjoy using the extra space in their apartment to exercise or simply relax. There’s nothing less relaxing than feeling cramped, so of course, the opposite has a wonderfully refreshing effect on our guests. With a living area, bedroom and kitchen all at your disposal, there’s no need to feel cooped up, so you can stretch out or engage in even more relaxing activities such as meditation or yoga. With enough room to move comfortably, you can be creative with how you relax.

Entertain Guests

Another one of the best features of serviced apartments in Kileleshwa is the ability you have to entertain guests. If you want to have friends, family or business associates visit you while you are in town, you do not have to worry about coordinating a meeting at a restaurant, hotel lobby or elsewhere. Invite them to see you right where you are staying! You can do this easily with the living area included in most of the units. You can maintain the separate privacy of your bedroom and interact freely with your visitors. This is a privilege you certainly cannot enjoy in a hotel or in most other forms of accommodations.

Cook and Enjoy Your Culinary Skills

The kitchen included in most serviced apartments in Kileleshwa is the cherry on top of the sundae. With the standard kitchen appliances, counter space and dining room table that come in most apartment units, you have everything you need to cook and whip up a great meal and enjoy it yourself or share it with the aforementioned visitors you may be entertaining. You don’t have to worry about challenges such as rationing restaurant leftovers kept in a mini fridge or spending a small fortune on delivered food when you have the easy ability to make you own food and enjoy it in your own space.

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